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Corrrie Blog written by Peter Whalley

Aw, poor Vernon. Today he got dumped, and it was a sad affair all round. Thinking that running a new bar would be the making of him and Liz, he persuaded her to go and look at it. Sadly, the thought of being inVernon’s company every hour of every day was too much for Liz, andVernonrealised it wasn’t the bar she didn’t like. “It’s me that’s wrong for you,” he said, in a scene that was beautifully played by Ian Reddington (I’ll miss him!) and Bev Callard

Corrrie Blog August 2006

I love Vernonthe drummer. I think Ian Reddington, the actor who plays Vernon, is wonderfully understated and Vernon’s fast become one of those characters in Coronation Street you want to see more of.  Ok, he’s lazy, he’s feckless, he eyes up other women (Michelle, the floozies on the cruise), he tells big fibs to Liz (his stolen record collection), hides behind the chairs when a fight breaks out in the Rovers in case he gets his hair pulled by the big lads, but by ‘eck, he is good fun to watch.  I loved his line the other night when he was complaining to Liz about hating to work as a cab driver when she’d gone to the effort of fixing him up with a job: “I’m used to being adored” he told her.