Biography: Discography

For Sheffield Wednesday F.C. Ian has written and recorded :

- “Move on up for steel city” – The Hillsborough Crew

- “If it’s Wednesday it must be Wembley” – The Hillsborough Crew (Blue Wave SWFCP1)

- “Oh yes” – The Wednesday Kop Band (Blue Wave Kop Band 1)

- “Euromania” – Elevenveeeleven (Cherry Red Records cdgaffer6)


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Ian also sang in Coronation Street, “The Masons Arms”

A one-off rendition of this – quite awful – song was performed in a September 2008 episode of Coronation Street, Britain’s longest running soap opera. Vernon Tomlin is an ageing rock drummer who has married the landlady of the Rovers Return Inn. Sadly, the marriage doesn’t work out; first he is beaten up by her ex-husband on his wedding day, and then his new wife has a dalliance with the local bookmaker, a recent arrival in the street, whose name happens to be Mason. The Mason’s Arms is a not unpopular name for a public house, which is more than can be said for its namesake, which was greeted with horrified fascination by the lady in question. The song’s allusion to “Begin The Beguine” would have had Cole Porter spinning in his grave.

The music for “(Don’t Fall Into) The Mason’s Arms” was composed by Roy Stride, and the lyrics – such as they are – were written by Carmel Morgan, a regular scriptwriter for the series. Actor Ian Reddington who played the unfortunateVernon, said he hoped to release the song as a Christmas single. Wiser councils appear to have prevailed.